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Customise Your G-Shock Watches and Straps

Tired of having the same plain watch that everybody puts on their wrist?

Well, let us help you make your wrists look better.

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Custom G-shock (customisation)

Custom built for you

Custom watchesΒ or rather Customised watches are a way for you to put a personalized touch on something you wear every day.

It defines the character in you and make heads turn.

Personalized watches are without doubt the most thoughtful birthday, anniversary gift for any occasions.

You can include short messages, Logo, Name, Numbers, significant Signs to your G-Shock strap that carries a special meaning.

Don't overthink it.

Contact us now to create your custom masterpiece today.

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Engraving Services

Laser Engraving Service Malaysia

With laser engraving services, you canΒ add a personal touchΒ to almost any item in stainless steel and other metals.

Most common request by fellow customisers are doing engraving on :

Backcase of DW-6900

Backcase of DW-5600

Backcase of GA-110

We can laser engrave your logo or personalized names on your promotional or corporate gift items. Rounded surfaces on items such as thermos bottles, pens, ..etc... can also be engraved too.

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Customise Printing

Print-on-demand Service

BeliSpree is your one stop shop for wholesale, custom merchandise. Whether you’re looking for event giveaways, personalized gift supplies, or unique corporate gifts, we have you covered!

Want to know how we can help with your custom printed items?

Get in touch with us now!

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Here are some of our most popular items:
β€£ Gift Box
β€£ Acrylic Board / Card
β€£ Canvas
β€£ Wood
β€£ Phone Case
β€£ Apple Watch Strap
β€£ Keychain

Our Customers' feedback


"My husband really loves this gift from me to him as for his birthday and you guys really nailed it. The service from them are really according to my needs and the finishes are really clean & tidy."


"Akhirnya, dapat jugak saya customkan jam saya untuk ikut tema anime JDM kegemaran saya iaitu Initial D. Saya recommend kedai ni kat korang semua sebab servis diorang memang ngam dan kemas. "


"Alhamdulillah.. Tq Seller.. Barang smpai kemas dan cantik sekali. 10/10 service terbaikk πŸ‘"

More than 200+ review

Seller very responsive. Customization very professionally done. I'm very satisfied with their service. Affordable price too. Customs done on Authentic watch. Good job to the team!


Kali kedua custom jam sya dlm kedai ni.. jam sgt cantik.. Seller pun sgt peramah.. sangat berpuas hati dgn servis seller.. Nak custom jam lagi boleh dtg lagi. thanks a lot!